Founded in 1902, the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization that is committed to advocating on behalf of the funeral service industry, consumer protections and prepaid funeral trust laws.


Engaged in a variety of initiatives, the NJSFDA assists funeral service professionals by providing them a consistent voice in government and offering guidance regarding federal and state regulations governing the industry. Along with its affiliated entities, it strives to promote mortuary science and works toward elevating the professional character and education of funeral directors. 

The NJSFDA and its affiliated entities offer funeral-related services and products for licensed professionals and consumers. These offerings include: accredited continuing education; arrangement conferencing tools; community-outreach programs; a “build and price a funeral” tool; a funeral preplanning trust fund; self-funded health benefits programs;  payroll management, human resources and health benefits administrationproperty and casualty insurance through top-rated carriers and an OSHA Written Communication Plan.

Among the many benefits provided to its members, The FORUM, our digital content resource for industry professionals, provides articles and commentary about regulations, trends and current events in the funeral industry every week.

The Funeral Directors Convention and Expo, is our premier gathering of industry professionals and related trades. Designed to offer comprehensive solutions that support the careers of funeral directors, the Convention provides high-value, innovative and educational programming geared specifically toward the funeral industry. It also provides the opportunity to meet with various vendors to review their services and products that support the industry.

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Health care benefits ideal for funeral firms.