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The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association offers a Manager of the Day Program that provides guidance on funeral service and industry-related questions and concerns.

Below are some matters that were brought to the attention of the Manager of the Day team in recent months.

Interns Quoting Prices

Is my funeral home’s intern allowed to quote funeral pricing information pertaining to a funeral arrangement or prearrangement?

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Irrevocable Exclusions

I understand that a New Jersey Department of Human Services policy states that individuals entering into irrevocable agreements cannot set aside their assets to cover the costs of particular goods and services that are deemed “for the...
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Disposition of Embryos

I was recently contacted by a woman who wants our funeral home to handle the burial of seven of her and her spouse’s unused embryos. How can our firm honor this request?

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Grave Markers and Irrevocable Arrangements

Can a grave marker be included in an irrevocable prepaid funeral agreement for someone engaged in the SSI/Medicaid spend-down process?

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Temporary Use of a Mortuary: Notification

When temporarily renting another funeral home, whose responsibility is it to contact the State Board of Mortuary Science of New Jersey?
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Getting the Final Funeral Bill Paid

If the full death benefit of an insurance policy is forwarded directly to the state as primary beneficiary upon the death of an Intended Funeral Recipient, how will my firm receive payment for the funeral bill?
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