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The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association offers a Manager of the Day program that provides guidance on funeral service and industry-related questions and concerns.

Below are some matters that were brought to the attention of the Manager of the Day team in recent months.

How Long Must Arrangement Records Be Kept?

How long are we required to retain the funeral files for decedents we have served? What records do we need to keep?
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Right to Control and the 72-Hour Rule

The divorced parents of a decedent share right to control, but they cannot agree on disposition. One wants burial; the other wants cremation. If they cannot agree on disposition within 72 hours, does the Right to Control law allow me to move on...
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Tissue and Bone Removal Rules

We received skeletal remains of a decedent, transferred to us from an out-of-state funeral home. The family would like us to remove some of the teeth and bones for a second DNA test to make sure they are the remains of their family member. Can I...
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What Do I Do When One Child Wants an Autopsy and the Other Does Not?

The two children of a decedent share the right to control. They both agree on cremation, but one wants an autopsy before any disposition. What should I do?

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Manager Taking Extended Leave

My firm’s manager will be taking an extended leave. He expects to return and resume all duties within three months. What kind of notification do I need to send to the State Board of Mortuary Science of New Jersey?

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How Do I Change a Cremation Permit to a Different Crematory?

The local registrar accepted the death certificate I filed in EDRS. Due to circumstances out of my control, I have learned that my funeral home will not be able to use the crematory listed on the death certificate. What do I need to do to get an...
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