Reflecting on the life of the deceased can take many forms. Ceremonies and events can include an informal gathering of family and friends, a formal ceremony, or recognition in some form that extends over the long term. Ceremonies can be religious or secular and venue choices are wide-ranging.

A gathering, memorial or funeral service can take place at a funeral home or any place that was special to the deceased or your family. The remains do not need to be present but can be if you so choose. Your gathering or service can simply be a place for family members and friends to come together to honor the deceased. It can take place before, at the time of, or following the cremation or burial

How you wish to memorialize the deceased is your decision. Whichever option you choose, your funeral director can help you design a gathering, ceremony or event that meets your family’s needs.

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Do you need a Funeral Agent?

In New Jersey, the funeral agent’s right to control a funeral supersedes all others.