I Need to Purchase a Grave or Burial Space

Much like planning your funeral, you have many options to choose from when deciding on a cemetery. The best place to start is with your funeral director. For example, the state has many cemeteries of certain religious affiliations. Some are historic. There are also cemeteries for veterans and their families as well as natural burial cemeteries for the environmentally conscious. Let the funeral director know the name of your preferred cemetery, the type of interment space needed (typically an in-ground burial plot or above ground space in a mausoleum) and any other special requests.

I Have Already Purchased a Grave or Burial Space

If a grave or burial space was purchased prior to a death, the funeral director will have to be advised where it is located. The funeral director may ask you for the exact location of the space within the cemetery and/or a copy of the deed. If you cannot locate the deed, your funeral director will be able to coordinate with the cemetery to locate this necessary information.

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Funeral Planning CHOICES

Prefund your funeral with confidence.