Become a Celebrant

By investing in a certified celebrant, your funeral home can improve its ability to thrive in a changing marketplace. Research has shown that fewer people identify with any religion. That decrease has contributed to the rise in the numbers of cremation, experts have said. More people are now opting to forgo funeral services, equating those services with religious rites.

How can a celebrant help?

Using a certified funeral celebrant is a beneficial alternative or supplement to a religion-based funeral ceremony. Celebrants are trained to customize funeral services that describe different aspects of the deceased's life, passions, principals, interests and beliefs—creating a personalized ceremony unique to each person's life.

The New Jersey Funeral Service Education Corporation (NJFSEC) offers a biennial, three-day Certified Celebrant Training Retreat to teach participants how to:

  • Articulate the value of the funeral
  • Master listening skills
  • Conduct family interviews
  • Choose appropriate readings, music and mementos
  • Prepare unique and individualized eulogies
  • Create personalized and meaningful life tributes

If you are interested in finding out more information on becoming a certified funeral celebrant, contact us at 800.734.3712 or complete the form below.

Become a Celebrant

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