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The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association offers a Manager of the Day program that provides guidance on funeral service and industry-related questions and concerns.

Below are some matters that were brought to the attention of the Manager of the Day team in recent months.

How Do I Handle Death Certificates for Multiple Fetal Deaths?

I’m handling a case for a family where a woman miscarried triplets at 20 weeks. Will one fetal death certificate suffice, or will I need three?

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Are Cash Rebates to the Funeral Home for Obituaries Allowable?

We just received an email from a newspaper company offering us a 5 percent rebate on any obituary we place in one of their local publications. The payment, which the company is also calling a “reward,” would be made directly to the...
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Who Can Authorize a Disinterment?

I was approached by siblings who are hoping to disinter the remains of their brother and move him to a family plot. The brother had no spouse and no children. I noticed that N.J.S.A. 45:27-23 only mentions surviving spouse and adult...
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Can a Brain Be Harvested in the Funeral Home?

A family seeking our services let us know they wanted the decedent’s brain harvested and sent to an organization out of state. When corresponding with the organization, I was told that “many New Jersey funeral homes” allow this...
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Using the Funeral Agent Form

Q. A family seeking to make prearrangements for their mother brought in a piece of paper with language approximating the New Jersey Cemetery Board funeral agent form, signed by the intended funeral recipient and two witnesses. It was not...
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Can I Get Business Cards for Unlicensed Employees?

I’ve been considering getting business cards for several of my funeral home’s workers who are not licensed. Is this allowed? Are there any restrictions?

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