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The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association offers a Manager of the Day program that provides guidance on funeral service and industry-related questions and concerns.

Below are some matters that were brought to the attention of the Manager of the Day team in recent months.

Who Is Considered Medically Incapacitated?

We have a case where the decedent’s next of kin is physically incapable of signing the forms needed to execute arrangements. She has a person with power of attorney to help her. Can the person with POA sign or should we just move on to the...
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Mailing Address vs. Residence on Death Certificates

A decedent used a PO box for a mailing address. Can this be entered as the address on the death certificate?

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Disinterments with Court Orders

I’ve been contacted by our area medical examiner and law enforcement about disinterring the remains of an unidentified body. Law enforcement is seeking a court order for the disinterment. Do they also need a disinterment permit to remove...
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Do I Need to Supply a Sign Language Interpreter Free of Charge?

A woman is coming in to make arrangements for her spouse, who died recently. She is deaf and communicates through sign language. Can I charge her for hiring an American Sign Language interpreter to assist during our meeting?

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Human Remains and Nonpayment of Bill

I recently handled the funeral arrangements for a woman who was then cremated. The cremated remains have been returned to the funeral home. The family has not yet paid their funeral bill, but the next of kin is now asking for the remains. Am I...
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Power of Attorney and Right to Control

A man with power of attorney over a friend’s affairs recently opened a Trust account for her funeral. The friend is now incapacitated and unable to appoint anyone as the funeral agent. The man’s attorney is insisting that the POA...
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