Choosing a Funeral Home

The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association provides a list of its member funeral homes here: Find a Funeral Home.

You can search by funeral home name, city, county or ZIP code. A funeral home’s website link will display, if available, allowing you to obtain additional information about that funeral home.

Funeral homes that participate in the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund (Funeral Planning CHOICES) can be listed by checking the Funeral Planning CHOICES Participants checkbox.


Before randomly selecting a funeral home, you may want to check the deceased’s documents to see if a funeral prearrangement was previously made. Look for a Preneed Agreement or a document titled Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected. With each prearrangement, the funeral home provides this itemized statement of funeral goods and services identifying the funeral home and listing the individual’s funeral selections, along with an agreement tying the selections to funding. You can also look for trust tax statements used for annual tax reporting purposes. These tax documents identify the funeral home where a prearrangement was opened.

If you are unsure if prearrangements were made, contact Funeral Planning CHOICES at 800.286.3628 to see if there is an existing account on behalf of the deceased.

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Do you need a Funeral Agent?

In New Jersey, the funeral agent’s right to control a funeral supersedes all others.