Other Options

Places of Worship or Local Charities

Meet with the religious leader from the decedent’s place of worship or a local charity. Sometimes they can help facilitate a monetary collection to help with funeral and burial expenses.

Membership Organizations

If the decedent was a member of a benevolent society, trade union or other such organization there may be some type of death or burial benefit. The organization representative will be able discuss with you or your funeral director whether there is financial assistance available. Be sure to also ask about survivor benefits. Some organizations offer benefits to spouses and children. (Note, the NJSFDA is a non-profit trade association and does not offer death benefits to its members.)


For foreign-born decedents, the consulate of their home country may be able to assist in the arrangement for a local burial or with shipping remains back to the country of origin. Speak with your funeral director to assist in this process.