There are a few things to consider when beginning a funeral service career.


Individuals must complete 4 years of study in a public or private high school or the equivalent thereof, complete a minimum of two years of academic instruction in a college or university, and successfully complete a year of mortuary school.

Preparatory course work for a career in funeral service includes psychology and human behavior, biology and life science, public speaking and business management.


After successful completion of mortuary school, individuals must complete an internship. This internship or registered trainee period must be completed prior to completing licensure examinations and last no more than three years. However, individuals that have completed three academic years of instruction in a college or university and completed one year of mortuary school may complete their internship in one year.

For more information on internships, visit the Internship section of our Website.

Celebrant Training

Because our modern society is rapidly changing, many families are looking to create funeral rituals that do not follow the “traditional” religious template. Many funeral homes are beginning to have certified funeral celebrants on their staff to supplement the traditional clergy role in a funeral, as it allows for more personalization and input from the family.

While considering a career in funeral service, you may also wish to look into becoming a certified funeral celebrant. This will not only make you a more rounded funeral director, but it may just make you a little more marketable when seeking a job.

For more information on funeral celebrants, visit the "Celebrant" section of our Website.