Average Compensation

New Jersey Funeral Industry Salary Data for 2017

  Average Median
Licensed Owner* $143,459 $112,474
Licensed Non-Owner $79,227 $74,682
Newly Licensed Non-Owner $47,670 $47,920
Clerical and Administrative (Hourly Rate) $21.12 $20.00
Funeral Attendant (Hourly Rate) $18.42 $16.55
Interns (Hourly Rate) $15.42 $15.00


* Owner compensation includes only that compensation taken in the form of W-2 wages and does not include other typical forms of owner compensation such as dividends, rent and net profit distributions.

Source: Thanexus, Inc. 2017 Annual Compensation Survey. The compensation survey represents data for 283 licensed and 577 non-licensed staff for a total of 860 funeral service employees in New Jersey.