OSHA Written Communication Plan

As part of your subscription to the OSHA Written Communication Plan, you have the ability to print out the entire plan, certain sections, or individual forms for your funeral home's specific needs. The forms are fillable PDFs, making it easy for you to complete, print, save and file accordingly.

The OSHA Written Communication Plan has been completely updated and the forms condensed to help reduce your funeral home's paperwork. You should save and file the previous plan files and replace with the Plan and Forms below.

OSHA Written Communication Plan

Determining Employee Exposure Risks

The Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Determination Roster and Formaldehyde Exposure Determination Risk Roster must be maintained throughout the year and updated annually. The roster should contain the names, the last four digits of the employees’ Social Security numbers (displayed in the following format to prevent identity theft risks: xxx-xx-1234) and all funeral home employees' appropriate exposure risk categories.

Bloodborne Pathogen and Formaldehyde Exposure Determination Risk Roster

Employee Files

The funeral home personnel files must reflect the most up-to-date exposure risk status of each employee. Keeping employee files updated involves completion of the appropriate forms and training of personnel. Forms and training vary based on three different exposure risk categories. These files should be maintained and updated annually in conjunction with changes in exposure risk. Such changes should also be reflected on the risk roster.

For each Category I Employee identified, complete the following forms and file as indicated:

ALL Category I Forms

For each Category II Employee identified, complete the following forms and file as indicated:

All Category II Forms

For each Category III Employee identified, complete the following form and file as indicated:

Conducting a Worksite Analysis

A regular analysis of each funeral home worksite should be conducted, with any compliance issues being addressed immediately. The analysis includes an annual review (update if necessary) and verification of the firm’s OSHA compliance program, an inspection by the firm’s OSHA compliance officer, development of a Chemical Identification List with corresponding MSDS files and an evaluation of sharps devices (scalpels, syringes, etc.) used in the funeral home. A monthly Self Inspection and Maintenance Schedule should be instituted.

ALL Worksite Analysis Forms

Forms included in the Worksite Analysis package:

Baseline and Annual Formaldehyde Monitoring

Each firm must conduct both short- and long-term formaldehyde exposure monitoring annually.

In the event a Category I Employee requests or requires the use of a respirator, proper procedure must be followed using the Personal Protective Equipment Preparation Room and Removal Vehicle Checklist and then a Physicians Medical Evaluation for Respirator Use and Fit Test to obtain medical clearance.

ALL Formaldehyde Monitoring Forms

View forms in this package:

Addressing Exposure Incidents

In the event of an injury/exposure incident to an employee or non-employee, proper documentation must be on file using the Injury and Exposure Report package.

ALL OSHA Injury Exposure Incident Forms

List of forms in this package:

Preparation Room Access

At any time you allow a Category III Employee (non-employee, vendor, visitor, inspector, plumber, etc.) access to the preparation room, they must be made aware of the area they are entering and be offered personal protective equipment. Proper documentation must be used and kept on file using the Communication of Funeral Home Hazards form.

Communication of Funeral Home Hazards Form

Individual OSHA Forms

You may print all the forms out as a group to keep on file in your funeral home, or you may print each out individually as you need them.


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