Annual New Jersey Training

The New Jersey Funeral Service Education Corporation (NJFSEC) continues to make it easy for funeral firm staff to comply with this requirement. Each year, the NJFSEC schedules Mandatory Funeral Home Training that focuses on what every firm employee, employer, owner, manager and part-time worker must know to meet, and even surpass, OSHA’s safety standards and other requirements.

The annual training sessions are held three times each year in half-day training sessions. You can also combine your OSHA training with another offering on the same day for a full-day of continuing education. The training typically focuses on formaldehyde exposure one year and bloodborne pathogens the next, creating two distinctly different programs within each two-year licensure period.

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Request OSHA State Training

If you are an out-of-state funeral directors association, and wish to have the New Jersey Funeral Service Education Corporation (NJFSEC) conduct OSHA training for your members, contact our offices at 800.734.3712 for more information.