Talking Internships and Educational Reform (T.I.E.R.)

The Conversations.

As part of a multi-year process, the NJSFDA Board of Directors developed a proposal designed to align the education and internship requirements for licensure with the realities of today's funeral service marketplace. In order to facilitate discussion and input from the licensee community, the NJSFDA Executive Committee started a grassroots-style initiative entitled T.I.E.R. Series conversations. These casual conversations were held throughout the state and gave licensees a platform to discuss their thoughts and opinions on important issues facing the industry today.

To learn more about the proposal, we have gathered some helpful articles in PDF format for your convenience:

Stewarding a Legacy of Cultural Relevance
A comprehensive look at the NJSFDA's proposal.

NJSFDA Board Unveils Proposal for Reform
A shortened version of the proposal for quick, easy reference.

Every Voice Counts.

You do not have to be a member of the NJSFDA to join in the conversation. All New Jersey licensees are welcomed and encouraged to voice their opinion. If you have not done so already, join us at one of our upcoming regional events. (Details to come.) These will be the last opportunities for you to speak up.

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