Teachers and Counselors

If you are looking for information on funeral service as a career to share with your students or help in dealing with the death of a member of your school community, we hope to provide you with valuable suggestions.

Funeral Service as a Career

Students interested in funeral service can look forward to a bright future. Currently in New Jersey and across the country there is a significant shortage of funeral directors. Students interested in becoming members of this “helping profession” need two years of college and one year of mortuary school.

For more information about funeral service as a career, visit the “For Students” section of our Website.

Consider inviting your local funeral director to speak with your elementary, high school or college class about a career in funeral service. Our members regularly speak to students in the classroom, at career day exhibitions and during field trips to funeral homes. If you do not know a local funeral director, call us at 800.734.3712 to coordinate a lecture.

Death in the School Community

If there has been a death in your school community, we are sorry for your loss. The support you can offer your students now is very important. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death, the loss will affect your students and colleagues in different ways. While you may have on-site bereavement counselors, you also may find the links in "Additional Resources" helpful.