Elder Law Attorneys

Funeral directors are often on the front line of family inquiries about estate, probate and Medicaid matters. As families make arrangements, funeral directors are the logical source of basic information in regard to dealing with a pending death or matters that need attention immediately following a death.

Member funeral directors can provide general information about the probate process, Medicaid spend down and where to obtain referrals and advice. However, it is always best practice for the funeral directors to refer families to elder law attorneys for guidance on a continual basis. While funeral directors are knowledgeable on such things as irrevocable arrangements for Medicaid applicants, they recognize the complex look-back issues that are best reviewed by an attorney.

Please refer families to our Website for information on making funeral arrangements and laws that protect funeral consumers. We maintain current information on other matters families ask about including who has the right to control funeral arrangements.

As you provide counsel, we ask that you advise families of the importance of preplanning a funeral as a part of estate and Medicaid planning. The funeral director can guide families through the process and have the necessary paperwork to execute irrevocable funeral arrangements. We encourage you to look at the information on the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund™, a great resource for families making advanced funeral arrangements.