Thanexus, Inc.

A funeral service cooperative, Thanexus offers human resource, marketing, communications and optional insurance services* to New Jersey's independently-owned funeral homes.

Member Stockholders retain 100 percent ownership of their funeral homes, and continue to manage the daily activities at their funeral home worksites. However, they contractually allocate and share traditional employer responsibilities with Thanexus. These responsibilities include risk management, employment law compliance, payroll and taxes, human resource guidance, and funeral-home-specific Federal Trade Commission and state regulatory compliant marketing materials.

Thanexus, Inc. is a Subchapter T-Corporation operating on a cooperative basis.

*Thanexus, Inc. is not an insurance agency and is not qualified to solicit, effectuate, or bind insurance coverages. Insurance underwriting access and risk management services are provided by Thanexus Financial Services, LLC, a fully licensed insurance agency and a wholly owned subsidiary of Thanexus, Inc.

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Board of Directors

The business and affairs of Thanexus, Inc. are managed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of nine directors that serve staggered terms, with three director terms expiring each year. The directors are elected at the annual meeting by the stockholders.

  • James R. Tomasello, Chair
  • Timothy W. Brock, Vice-Chair
  • Enrico T. Caruso Jr., CFSP
  • R. Michael Gallaway
  • Thomas J. Givnish
  • Joanna Hagan
  • Joseph C. Parell III, CFSP
  • Eric Peerless
  • Glenda S. Stansbury, CFSP