Association Master Trust

Association Master Trust (AMT) offers self-funded health and dental benefits programs, combining employer units from independent trade associations to maximize claim stability, administrative efficiency, cost savings and a full menu of comprehensive benefits. AMT operates in accordance with the NJ MEWA law and is registered with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

Even though AMT's Health and Dental Benefit plans are self-funded, aggregate and specific stop loss protection for health claims are provided by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey to limit loss exposure. Horizon also provides AMT with medical claims processing and managed care services, as well as member access to the Horizon provider networks.

The AMT Board of Trustees is composed of representatives from each of the independent trade association's Sub-Trusts. Currently, seventeen trustees, representing participating sub-association groups according to formula, manage AMT. They are a working board, meeting quarterly, and their decisions are binding and final on all parties within the parameters allowed by federal and state laws, codes, regulations and court rulings.

AMT's staff performs much of the plan's administration requirements on behalf of its members. The current staff includes claim inquiry representatives with direct computer access into Horizon and Delta Dental computer systems, enrollment and customer service representatives, billing and account reconciliation specialists. AMT also has a fully qualified staff of marketing and service representatives to assist employer members and their employees in selecting the right coverage to satisfy their particular needs.

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