New Jersey Funeral Directors Political Action Committee (NJFD-PAC)

Serves as the political fundraising arm of the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, Inc. (NJSFDA) and is key to the Association’s ability to build and maintain a strong, unified voice in the Garden State. It ensures that our industry is recognized, and allows members and staff to engage state legislators on a regular basis so to inform them of important funeral service issues.

The NJFD-PAC plays a vital role in the success of the Association’s advocacy efforts. Without such a powerful industry voice, the NJSFDA could not help…

  • Protect funeral service and the monument industry from unfair competition by tax-exempt, religious cemeteries through the enactment of the “Religious Cemeteries Act.”
  • Maintain the State’s current prepaid funeral trust laws.
  • Develop and implement the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS).
  • Preserve current State funding levels for the Work First New Jersey Funeral and Burial Program.
  • Increase consumer protect levels by clarifying the obligation of cemeteries to trust 100 percent of all consumer prepaid funds.
  • Evaluate the New Jersey Medical Examiner System.
New Jersey Funeral Directors Political Action Committee