EDRS Video Tutorial

This VideoTraining Tutorial has been designed to familiarize you with the New Jersey Electronic Death Registration System (NJ-EDRS).

The topics you see on the left are video tutorials that illustrate step-by-step instructions for performing common tasks on EDRS. Each tutorial contains both audio and video, therefore, speakers or headphones are necessary while viewing. Playback controls such as rewinding, pausing, or forwarding are located at either the top or bottom of the window and are defined on the legend below.

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Title Time Description
Creating a Case 6:56 An authorized user can create the death certificate and designate the physician who will then access the death certificate and electronically certify it.
Creating & Certifying a Case 7:09 The medical certifier has the option of creating and certifying the death certificate in the EDRS or only certifying the death certificate after having had a designated authorized user create the death certificate.
Certifying a Case 2:21 Death certificates can be created by an authorized user designated by the certifying physician. The certifying physician then reviews the electronic data and electronically certifies the death certificate.
Finding & Taking a Case 3:27 Demonstrates the steps in finding a case created by the funeral director or another authorized user in the EDRS, and taking responsibility for completing the case.
Referring a Case to an ME 1:40 Demonstrates the process of referring a death certificate to the Medical Examiner for review and completion or release of the case back to the physician.
Dropping a Case to Paper 4:03 Demonstrates the process of printing a death certificate from the EDRS where the medical portion of the certificate has been created but the funeral director of record is not yet an authorized user of the EDRS. The funeral director will complete the paper record until he has been trained in the system.
Abandoning a Case 1:50 Demonstrates the Abandon Case feature used to abandon duplicate cases.
Viewing & Printing an Abstract 2:30 Demonstrates viewing and printing an abstract of a death certificate for your records.
Releasing a Case 1:55 Demonstrates the process of releasing a case for involvement by another authorized user of the same role in the EDRS.


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