Out-of-State Physicians

Effective March 1, 2013 faxed medical certifications will be restricted to out-of-state physicians. 

While there is an interim solution for those physicians who have not registered for EDRS in place, physicians are encouraged to register to use the system at their earliest convenience. This solution is called the hybrid fax option. 

The hybrid fax electronically joins a paper death certificate completed by a medical certifier with the electronic record processed by the funeral director in EDRS. All medical certifiers using this option must complete their portion of the paper death certificate (items 26 through 54 ARE required) as you normally would. It is not necessary for you to complete the funeral director/funeral home portion of the record, as that will have been electronically created already. The funeral director will then be able to fax the completed medical portion of the death certificate directly to the EDRS utilizing a bar coded cover sheet. EDRS scans the bar code to link the electronic record and then merges the faxed information with the electronically entered information. The record can then be filed electronically with the local registrar. The State Registrar’s Office will manually enter the medical portion of the certificate to make a fully electronic record.

Use one of these fax numbers when using the interim hybrid fax option to process death certificates via EDRS:

  • 609.341.5015
  • 609.341.5018
  • 609.599.8626
  • 866.516.7903 (toll free)