Electronic Death Registration System (NJ-EDRS)

The New Jersey Electronic Death Registration System (NJ-EDRS), provides a secure method for electronically creating, updating and certifying death certificates. The use of NJ-EDRS by all who participate in the death registration process is mandatory under New Jersey state law.

NJ Statute 26:8-24-1 states that "...All participants in the death registration process, including but not limited to, the State Registrar, local registrars, deputy registrars, the State Medical Examiner, county medical examiners, funeral directors, attending and resident physicians, licensed health care facilities, and other public or private institutions providing medical care, treatment or confinement to persons, shall be required to utilize the NJ-EDRS to provide the information that is required of them by statute or regulation."

The NJ-EDRS can be found online at https://edrs.nj.gov.

Below are a series of notification letters from the NJ State Registrar's Office for reference.