Purchasing Burial Space

During the arrangement conference, the funeral director will ask you about burial space. You can ask the funeral home to facilitate the purchase a grave for you. Funeral homes provide this service as a courtesy and make no money on your purchase of cemetery space. You can also purchase the burial space directly from the cemetery.

If burial space was purchased prior to a death, the funeral director will have to be advised where it is located. The funeral director may ask you for the exact location of the space within the cemetery and/or a copy of the deed.

If you need to purchase a space, let the funeral director know the name of your preferred cemetery, the type of interment space needed (typically an in ground burial plot, or above ground space in a mausoleum) and any other special requests, such as a grave near a road, under trees, not by a fence, etc. The funeral director will contact the cemetery, arrange for a space and get a price quote.

Once the cost is received, the price quote is added to the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected under the section entitled “Cash Disbursements.” (See the “Selections” section for more information.)

Selecting Burial Space

Here are a few tips to use when selecting a burial space prior to or at the time of death.

  1. Consult with a funeral director about cemeteries in your area. Be aware that plot prices can vary widely from one cemetery to another and within the same cemetery, depending on location.
  2. Compare the prices of "ideal" burial plots with those in less charming locations. You can save money by foregoing a river view.
  3. Consider a mausoleum for above ground burial.
  4. Ask about the cost of the plot and about any opening, closing or other fees set by the cemetery.
  5. If certain family members want to be buried together, you may be able to save money by purchasing several plots in the same cemetery at one time.
  6. If you are purchasing the plot for yourself, be sure to tell your family where you will keep the deed or give them a copy.
  7. If this is important to you, check to see if the cemetery has rules about grave markers and grave decorations.